Extend your talent level and strengthen the confidence and ability to perform at a professional level by instruction and coaching combined regularly with performances.

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Program Duration - 6 Months

Designed for talent interested in a music career in recording, production and technical support.  Learn about the many facets of the art and entertainment industry, including: artist management, advertisement, promotion, sales and distribution.  Apprentices will be guided by mentors with experience in the field.


Program Duration - As needed

This program allows talent to gain experience in stage performance to further their music instruction.  Each student is taught how to interact with other musicians in a group and perform to the best of their ability through live showcases on-stage.


All student musicians enrolled in our Performance Program will receive:


  • Weekly private music lesson on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and/or vocal

  • Weekly three-hour band rehearsal

  • Enhanced guidance in stage performance, harmonies and instrumentation



Program Duration - 21 Hours

Program introduces you to the complexity of this fast-changing business.  Content includes delving into various cultural styles of music, artist development/management, recording and performance techniques.  Learn about the high standards, the knowledge required, and why education is necessary to achieve financial success in the arts and entertainment industry.


Program Duration - As needed

Extend your talent level by strengthening the confidence and ability to perform at a professional level, through instruction and coaching combined with recording sessions.  


Program Duration - 60 Weeks

In-depth training program complete with manual and weekly written assignments.  Learn the hands-on operation during actual live recording sessions. 


The course is presented in three fundamental phases:

  1. BASIC - studio operating procedures, instruments, recording console/equipment (function, parts, operation & maintenance), digital mixing and basic audio theory.

  2. INTERMEDIATE - acoustics, console symbols/diagrams, musical terminology and intermediate audio theory.

  3. ADVANCED - customized as needed


Program Duration - As needed

This performance will work with a band on developing a stage show, marketing and promotions - and defining their sound.

Through regular performances on stage, the band can perfect their show while showcasing a weekly events with media coverage and promotions.


The Band Coaching Program includes:

  •  Weekly 90 minute group band rehearsals with an experienced band coach with Live playing experience

  • Guidance to produce a quality Live show presentation.

  • Song structure arrangement adjustments/analysis.

  • Periodic recorded rehearsals and discussions

  • Specific tips on instrumentation individually

  • A rehearsal space for frequent practice

Stars Outreach provides education, guidance and technical training. Our programs and workshops are tailored to individual student needs and particular interests in pursuing a career in arts & entertainment. Our instructors and mentors go beyond theory by teaching self-development and technical skills in the areas of production, publishing, contracting, staging as well as packaging, promotion and distribution. This integrated approach helps develop important skills necessary to build a successful career in the arts and entertainment industry.